Empathic Healing

“In you we see ourselves” 

~ Travis Taylor


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As highly intuitive clairvoyants and mediums, we perceive the subtle energies that surround the physical body and help clients achieve balance, health, and abundance in all aspects of their lives.  Described as a soul whisperer by colleagues, Travis, founder of Empathic Healing, has been described as one who nurtures the soul and provides an unconditionally loving environment that allows one’s divine nature to thrive.

    We at Empathic Healing believe that as energetic beings having a physical human experience, we  can access our higher selves and divine plan, as well as insight at any time.  Everyone is gifted beyond what they may consciously comprehend or believe.  We provide opportunities for expansion of the soul, the healing of the body, and the union of spirit.  We are a collective of healers, healing ourselves and assisting others to provide balance, understanding, peace, humility, and love in every moment. It is such a blessing to continue to learn and grow in co-creation with others.

Thank you so much for visiting. We look forward to knowing you.

~Travis Taylor,  Empathic Healing

RMT, JD, Rev.

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Travis (founder of Empathic Healing) is a Master Teacher and healer.  With humor and wise encouragement he is able to see what is needed for one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  He has a unique way of touching Spirit and assisting in the release of patters that no longer serve, in order to awaken one’s gifts from within.  If you have been led to Travis, you have been given a magical gift from the Divine.

~Anna Maria